Tetraneuris ivesiana

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Tetraneuris ivesiana
2015.05.08 07.04.12 IMG 1872 - Flickr - andrey zharkikh.jpg
Scientific classification
T. ivesiana
Binomial name
Tetraneuris ivesiana
Greene 1898

Tetraneuris ivesiana is a North American species of plants in the sunflower family, known by the common name Ives' fournerved daisy.[3] It grows in the southwestern United States, in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado.[4][5]

Tetraneuris ivesiana is a perennial herb up to 26 cm (10 in) tall. It forms a branching underground caudex sometimes producing as many as 30 above-ground stems. One plant can produce as many as 30 flower heads. Each head has 7-10 yellow ray flowers surrounding 40-150 yellow disc flowers.[6]


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