Tetraselmis suecica

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Tetraselmis suecica
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Chlorophyta
Class: Chlorophyceae
Order: Volvocales
Family: Chlamydomonadaceae
Genus: Tetraselmis
Species: T. suecica
Binomial name
Tetraselmis suecica
Kylin (Butch)

Tetraselmis suecica is a marine green alga. It grows as single, motile cells visible under light microscope up to concentrations over one million cells per milliliter. It can be grown as a foodstock in aquaculture, being amenable to species such as rotifers of the genus Brachionus. It is a motile chlorophyte and contains a high lipid content.

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Adarme-Vegas et al. (2014)[1] state that a reduction in biomass of Tetraselmis spp. was observed in high salinity cultures (50 ppt) as well as in near-freshwater salinity cultures (5 and 10 ppt). Changes in salinity primarily altered bioimass productivity with cultures in 30 and 40 ppt having the highest growth rate and final productivity. Salinity had no effect on the percentage of EPA or total Fatty Acid production.


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