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Texan was a nougat/toffee candy bar covered with chocolate, manufactured during the 1970s and 1980s.[1] It was withdrawn from sale in the 1980s but was briefly re-launched as a limited edition by Nestlé in 2005 during a wave of sweet-related nostalgia.[2][3]

A 2004 survey of sweet shops' customers rated the Texan bar their favourite sweet of all time, by a large margin.[4]

The advertisements for the Texan showed a cartoon cowboy, who was captured and tied to a stake. When asked if he had a last request he asked for a Texan bar which took him a long time to eat; meanwhile, the bandits fell asleep, ensuring his escape. The cowboy's catchphrase “Someone should have told em, Texan takes time a chewin!” "Sure is a mighty chew!".[5]


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