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The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) is a North American organization of ranchers who participate in the breeding and husbandry of Texas Longhorn cattle. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the organization was founded in 1964 to serve as a registry for the longhorn breed. Among the founders was the Kerr County rancher Charles Schreiner, III, grandson of the legendary cattle baron Charles Schreiner.[1]

The association has grown into a promotional organization for the longhorn breed, to "protect the unique heritage of the Texas Longhorn, to preserve the purity of the breed, and to promote Texas Longhorns as a distinct breed while encouraging its future through promotion, education and research." As part of its efforts, the organization sponsors competitions among Texas Longhorn breeders in the United States and Canada, including a World Show each June in Fort Worth. Since its founding in 1964, its membership has grown from 12 to over 5,000. The organization also publishes a monthly magazine for breeders In most competitions, it is considered incumbent on the judge to comment on each animal as it exits the arena in turn, explaining the basis for his or her decision (the majority of judges are men). By etiquette and tradition, the judge tends to favor the positive characteristics of each animal, gently pointing out qualities that might improved.

In the get of sire and produce of dam competitions, the animals are judged (in groups of three) for the strength of the parent animal in passing on certain desired genetic traits. The parent animal itself is not displayed. The three progeny animals but be from different dams or sires, respectively.


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