Thady Connellan

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Thady Connellan (Tadhg Ó Coinnialláinn)
Thaddeus Connellan, by James Northcote.jpg
Thaddeus Connellan (James Northcote, 1824)
Born 1780
Skreen County Sligo, Ireland
Died 1854
Residence Skreen, County Sligo
Nationality Irish

Thady Connellan (Irish: Tadhg Ó Coinnialláinn) (1780–1854) was an Irish school-teacher, poet and historian.


He was born in Skreen, County Sligo, and was a relative of the scholar Owen Connellan. He started a school of his own, but had more success when he became principal of a school established by Albert Blest, a Baptist, in Greenville, Coolaney, in the early 1800s. Like his relative Owen he left the Catholic church and embraced Protestantism. Among other works he produced an Irish-English dictionary and edited a series of song-books.[1][2]

He died at Sligo, on 25 July 1854.[3]


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