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Maharao Shardul Singh Shekhawat was born in the year 1681 and was the ruler of Jhunjhunu (in present-day Rajasthan, India). It was by dint of Shardul's Subtle political Demeanour & deception that he occupied (usurped) Jhunjhunu & ruled over it for twelve years.After his death the estate was divided equally among his five sons & they continued to rule over it till India achieved freedom.

To commemorate the sweet memory of their father, his sons made a monumental dome at Parasrampura. Its fresco painting is worth seeing.All the five sons of shardul singh Ji were very brave and capable and efficient rulers. They raised many new villages, towns, forts and palaces, They encouraged the Seths (Merchants) for trade. As a result they grew rich and made many Havelies. The fresco-paintings of these havelies clearly speak about that glorious period & prosperity. Moreover the rich merchants made the wells ponds, bawaries, temples and inns at various places. They are the examples of industrial architectural excellence.The fresco-painting probably came into existence in the eighteenth century. It was during the period of Shardual Singh ji that fresco painting was in much vogue.

Personal life[edit]

He had three marriages. His first marriage was in 1698 to Thukrani Sahaj Kanwar Biki Ji Sahiba, the daughter of Manroop Singh Bika of Nathasar. His second marriage was to Thukrani Sirey Kanwar Biki Ji Sahiba, the daughter of Mukal Singh Bika of Nathasar. The third marriage was to Thukrani Bakhat Kanwar Mertani Ji Sahiba, the daughter of Devi Singh Mertiya of Poonglota (Marwar), near Degana and had children.


He had six sons:

  • Thakur Zorawar Singh, (by 1st wife), born at Kant, married and had children. He died in 1745. He built Jorawargarh fort, ancestor of the families of Chowkari, Taen, Kalipahari, Malsisar, Gangiyasar,Mandrella etc.
  • Thakur Kishan Singh, (by 3rd wife), born in 1709, ancestor of the families of Khetri, Heerwa, Arooka, Seegra, Alsisar, etc.
  • Kunwar Bahadur Singh, (by 3rd wife), born in 1712 and died in 1732.
  • Thakur Akhay Singh, (by 3rd wife), born 1713, built Akhegarh Fort. Died without children in 1750.
  • Thakur Nawal Singh Bahadur (by 3rd wife), born in 1715, ancestor of the families of Nawalgarh, Mahensar, Dorasar, Mukundgarh, Narsinghani,Balonda and Mandawa. He died on 24 February 1780.
  • Thakur Keshri Singh, (by 3rd wife), born in 1728, ancestor of the families of Dundlod, Surajgarh, and Bissau. He was the 6th and youngest son and he died in 1768.


Shardul Singh died on 17 April 1742. Unfortunately, his son Bahadur Singh had died in his lifetime at an early age. As a result his estate was divided into five equal shares. The administration by his five sons was cumulatively known as Panchpana