Thanga Manasukkaran

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Thanga Manasukkaran
VCD cover
Directed byRajavarman
Written byRajavarman
Produced byR. Dhanabhalan
CinematographyG. Rajendran
Edited byM. Ganesan
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Yaghava Productions
Release date
  • 20 March 1992 (1992-03-20)
Running time
120 minutes

Thanga Manasukkaran (transl. Man with a golden heart) is a 1992 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film, directed by Rajavarman. The film stars Murali[1] and Sivaranjani, with Goundamani and Senthil in supporting roles. It was released on 20 March 1992.[2]


Murugesh, also known as Murugan, is a musician. He comes with his troupe into a village and is assigned to play from Aadi, the fourth month of the Tamil calendar, till the conclusion of the Village festival. The village head's daughter Chellakili waits for her lover Murugan, who was missing, while her cousin Duraipandi, a brute, wants to marry her. Chellakili is curious about a song from her childhood sung by Murugesh. Meanwhile, a guitarist in the same music band as Murugesh falls in love with a Karakattam dancer in the village, while Sundal, another guitarist, helps him.

Murugesh finally reveals to Chellakili that he is her long-lost lover and cousin Murugan and also discloses the reason behind his disappearance. In the past, Chellakili's father wanted his daughter to marry his nephew and orphan Murugan. However, Yasodai, Chellakili's aunt, wanted Chellakili to marry Duraipandi, her son. She managed to beat Murugan, and she expelled him from the village. Later, Murugan became a singer in a music band, and he still pines for Chellakili.

Duraipandi tries to kill Murugan through a crude bomb and fails. Over time, Duraipandi and Yasodai learn of Murugan's identity and romance. They then reveal Chellakili's love affair to her father without disclosing Murugesh's real identity. Her family then meets the Sadha Swamy, who causes Chellakili to forget her love through black magic. Now, Chellakili rejects Murugan's love and forgets him. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.



The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, with lyrics written by Gangai Amaran, Kamakodiyan and Piraisoodan.[3]

Song Singer(s) Lyrics Duration
"Manikuyil Isaikkuthadi" Mano Piraisoodan 5:04
"Manikuyil" B. S. Sasirekha, Minmini 3:15
"Maaney Mayanguvathu" Mano 5:03
"Paatukulle Pattu" Mano, S. Janaki Kamakodiyan 4:55
"Poothathu Poonthoppu" S. Janaki, Mano Gangai Amaran 4:49
"Udakkachatham" Mano 5:51


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