Thangamani Rangamani

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Thangamani Rangamani
Directed by Rama Narayanan
Produced by N. Radha
Written by Ramanarayanan
Starring Murali
S. Ve. Shekher
Venniradai Moorthy
Nagaraja Chozhan
S. S. Chandran
Music by Shanker Ganesh
Cinematography N. K. Viswanathan
Edited by Rajkeerthi
Release date
14 April 1989
Language Tamil

Thangamani Rangamani is a Tamil film. Directed by Ramanarayanan. Murali and S.Ve.Shekher Lead Title Roles S.S.Chandran, Kovai Sarala, Pallavi and Devisri are in supporting roles.


Thangamani (S. Ve. Shekher) and Rangamani (Murali) are very close friends. Rangamani, an unemployed youth, is in love with Meena, the daughter of a rich man (Bailvaan Ranganathan). While Thangamani is the son of a leading lawyer (Venniradai Moorthy) who is also the legal advisor to Sivagangai Gopalakrishnan (S. S. Chandran) who is a very big businessman.

Rangamani wants to marry Meena and settle down in life. Rangamani lies to Meena's father that he is the son of Sivagangai Gopalakrishnan and gets engaged to her. Thangamani comes across Lakshmi(Pallavi) and falls in love with her. He misunderstands Lakshmi to be Sivagangai Gopalakrishnan’s daughter. Lot of confusion follows.

What happens to Rangamani and Thangamani’s love story is what the film is all about.