The "Woolpack" cricket ground, Islington

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The Woolpack cricket ground was an 18th-century cricket venue in Islington, used for major matches in 1729 and 1732.


The ground's location has been described as "in the Field behind the Woolpack Back Gate near Sadler’s Wells".[1] Sadler's Wells is about half a mile south of where White Conduit Fields is believed to have been: i.e., bounded by the modern streets of Cloudesley Road to the north, Barnsbury Road to the west, Tolpuddle Street to the south and probably as far as Liverpool Road to the east. There exists a White Conduit Street in this area.[2]


Two known major matches were played at the Woolpack. On Tuesday, 5 August 1729, Gentlemen of Middlesex v Gentlemen of London was due to take place at the Woolpack Back Gate near Sadler’s Wells". The result is unknown.[1] On Monday, 7 August 1732, London v Middlesex was advertised to be played in "the field behind the Woolpack at Islington". Again, the result is unknown.[3]


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