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The 16' Club is a dining club established for male members of St David's College (now St David's College, Trinity Saint David); also known as "The Sixteens", the "College Sixteen" or simply "16", it has been accused of being a secret society. Some authors agree with that definition,[1] however others do not.[2]

It is now the only remaining dining club at the College, and the sole remaining collegiate dining club in Wales. The Club's colour is pale blue.

Foundation and Origins[edit]

The Club was founded in 1971 when three first year students, Brendan Somers, Stuart Tilley and Robin Holland met in The Railway Tavern in Lampeter. Andy King, another first year student, would have been at the meeting and hence one of the Club's founders but for the fact that he had a broken leg. Regrettably, there have, in recent times, statements been made that the Club had an earlier foundation – alas for the romantically mendacious all such statement are spurious and made by rather sad people who mistakenly believe that age brings with it authenticity.

The Club Today[edit]

Today, The 16' Club is solely a dining club.

The clandestine nature of their meetings, and the reticence of their members, means that little is known about the club.


The purpose of the College 16 is officially defined as, " maintain the traditions of Saint David's College, and to provide and maintain a fraternity of gentlemen of calibre for mutual support whilst at University and in post graduate life."[3]


Admission to the Club is by invitation only. The requirements and procedure are not known.


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