The Absence of War

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The Absence of War
The Absence of War.jpg
Faber & Faber paperback edition, 2001
Written by David Hare
Date premiered 1993
Place premiered Royal National Theatre
London, England
Original language English
Series Racing Demon
Murmuring Judges
The Absence of War
Subject a fiction based on factual top-level Labour Party workings
Genre Drama

The Absence of War is a play by English playwright David Hare, the final installment of his trilogy about contemporary Britain. The play premiered in 1993 at the Royal National Theatre, London, England.[1]

The play is based on his behind the scenes observations of the Labour Party leadership during their unsuccessful General Election campaign of 1992.

The central character, party leader George Jones, is so smothered and constricted by his cautious advisers that eventually none of the great talents that brought him to prominence are visible to the public.


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