The Adventures of Grady Greenspace

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The Adventures of Grady Greenspace
Country of origin France
No. of episodes 52
Running time 13 minutes
Original network France 3
Original release 1992 – 1995
Grady Greenspace

The Adventures of Grady Greenspace is a children's TV programme that was originally a French/Canadian programme called "Les Enquêtes de Chlorophylle" (roughly translated as "The Investigations of Chlorophylle"), which was co-produced by Damned Productions (Paris), la Société Française de Production, France 3, Productions Espace Vert (Montreal) and Logos Distribution [1] and aired between 1992-1993 [2].

The UK version was produced by Central Independent Television in 1995.

The series was based on the character Chlorophylle created by Dargaud[3] and was about a group of environmentally aware creatures and their adventures.

The shows characters were a combination of around twelve puppets and a large number of live animals.[4]



  • Chlorophylle (French) / Grady Greenspace (English) - The show's main protagonist. A black and white dormouse that solved environmental issues with the aid of his friends. Grady lived inside an old building and slept in a human's old slipper.
  • Radar - a bat and close friend of Grady.
  • Bulgy - a frog and close friend of Grady.
  • Anthracite (French) / Scuzzy (English) - The main antagonist of the series. Scuzzy was a black rat and leader of a group of animals called the Rafia or the "Creepy Crawlers", who were usually the cause of the problem that Grady was trying to solve.[5]
  • Maeva (French) / Rhonda (English) - A white rat that was the sister of Scuzzy. She was also Grady's love interest.

Live Animals[edit]

  • The Council - A group of owls that Grady would often consult when he needed advice

Cast and crew[edit]


  • Frédéric Goupil
  • Claude Grégoire
  • Michel Marin
  • Bruno Carrière

Production Manager[edit]

  • Karine Dhont


  • Michel Marin
  • Diane Cailhier[6]


  • Jacques Meynard

Voice Actors[edit]


There were 52 episodes in total.[8] Known episodes:

  • Vote For Grady - first aired in the UK on 03/05/1995.[9]
  • Shady Business - first aired in the UK on 17/05/1995.[10]

Around the world[edit]

The show originally aired in France and Canada and is known to have aired in the UK

Country TV network Year first broadcast
 France France 3 1992
 Canada Canal Famille 1992
 Sweden FilmNet 1994
 United Kingdom ITV 1995
 Bulgaria Kanal 1 1995

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