The Art of the Theremin

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The Art of the Theremin
Studio album by Clara Rockmore
Released 1977 (LP), 1981 (LP, Japan), 1987 (CD)
Recorded 1977
Genre Early electronic, classical[1]
Length 43:30
Label Delos
Producer Robert Moog, Shirleigh Moog
Clara Rockmore chronology
The Art of the Theremin
Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album
(2006)Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album2006

The Art of the Theremin is the first official album by theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore, and the only one released in her lifetime.[2][3] It was produced by Robert Moog and his first wife, Shirleigh Moog, and was released as an LP in 1977 by Delos International Records. As with most of her live performances, she was accompanied minimally by her older sister, Nadia Reisenberg, on piano.[4] The 1977 Delos LP and 1981 Japanese Delos LP release were entitled Theremin. The 1987 Delos CD was titled The Art of the Theremin.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Vocalise" (Rachmaninoff) – 3:44
  2. "Song of Grusia" (Rachmaninoff) – 4:15
  3. "The Swan" (Saint-Saëns) – 2:56
  4. "Pantomime" (de Falla) – 3:44
  5. "Hebrew Melody" (Achron) – 5:22
  6. "Romance" (Wieniawski) – 4:45
  7. "Berceuse" (Stravinsky) – 3:06
  8. "Pièce en Forme de Habanera" (Ravel) – 2:41
  9. "Berceuse" (Tchaikovsky) – 4:12
  10. "Valse Sentimentale" (Tchaikovsky) – 2:06
  11. Sérénade mélancolique (Tchaikovsky) – 7:40
  12. "Chant du Ménestrel" (Glazunov) – 4:00