The Astor Orphan

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The Astor Orphan
Authors Alexandra Aldrich
Language English
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date

The Astor Orphan is a 2013 memoir by Alexandra Aldrich, a member of the Astor family.


Alexandra Aldrich, a direct descendant to John Jacob Astor, recounts her childhood at Rokeby, a 43-room historic estate in Barrytown, New York. The family is land-rich but cash-poor. Her father is unemployed and her grandmother is an alcoholic. The book ends as she leaves for boarding school.

Critical reception[edit]

The book was described by Publishers Weekly as a "sparklingly mischievous debut".[1]

In the Chicago Tribune, Kevin Nance compared it to Grey Gardens, adding that, "Aldrich delivers buckets of eccentricity."[2] However, he argued that her "petulant grievance and thwarted entitlement" made the book "wearisome fast".[2] He added that the dialogues lacked credibility, and that there is a "lack of an adult, emotionally mature perspective".[2]

Writing for The New York Observer, Matthew Kassel argued that it "read[s] like a cross between Jane Eyre and Running with Scissors, adding that "it contain[ed] more than a few unsavory details about her family, personal things that one might not want the public to know about."[3] He went on to say that "the book feels like a child's revenge on her family."[3]

In Salon, Laura Miller called it "a mournful, curious tale of an anxious child's longing for security."[4] She added that it lacked "the fluency of truly accomplished storytelling".[4]

In The Boston Globe, Buzzy Jackson, the author of Shaking the Family Tree: Blue Bloods, Black Sheep, and Other Obsessions of an Accidental Genealogist, argued that it was "unpleasant for the reader to spend time with these spoiled, deranged people."[5]

In the Star Tribune, Eric Hanson called the book, "wearying, gorgeous, ugly, sad, bohemian and only mildly sordid or scandalous by TV or literary standards."[6]


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