The Baby Party

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The Baby Party is a short story published by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hearst's International Cosmopolitan (February 1925).


The story centers on a young couple, John and Edith Andros. They are young parents of Ede, their two and half year old daughter. Although the prospect of having a child to continue his name and livelihood appeals to the father, the day-to-day realities soon irritate him. Early on in the story it is apparent this creates discord among the couple. The daughter is invited to a party, which John begrudgingly attends. He ends up in a fistfight with another father when Ede injures one of the other children. At the close of the story he insists his wife apologize for the mess, and he holds his daughter while she falls asleep in his arms. In the story the children have characteristics of adults while the adults act like children.[1]


The Baby Party was written while Fitzgerald was in his now infamous period of financial hardship. He was completing the final proof stage for The Great Gatsby and needed to support himself financially. It was later collected in All the Sad Young Men.


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