The Backlot Murders

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The Backlot Murders
Poster of the movie The Backlot Murders.jpg
Directed by David DeFalco
Written by Paul Arensburg
Steven Jay Bernheim
Starring Jaime Anstead
Priscilla Barnes
Charles Fleischer
Corey Haim
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Backlot Murders, released in Germany as Der Tod führt Regie (Death is Directing), is a campy 2002 horror film starring Jaime Anstead, Priscilla Barnes, Charles Fleischer and Corey Haim. A killer in an Elvis mask murders the cast and crew of a rock band video shoot.


When a rock band travels to a movie lot to shoot a music video, they aren't expecting much - especially since the main reason the band is getting the video is because its lead singer (Brian Gaskill) is dating the daughter (Jamie Anstead) of big shot record producer (Tom Hallick). However, soon after they arrive they find that someone is killing the band members off one by one.



Critical reception has been mixed.[1] Bloody Disgusting panned the film overall, as they felt that the film was too cheesy for early 2000s fare and that it was overall "just too unimaginative".[2] reviewer Jack Sommersby was more positive, writing that it was "good, trashy fun, with the proper proportion of blood, nudity and humor."[3]


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