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The Beautiful Few is an Australian band, originally formed in 1993 and going through many line-up changes . The band's first demo tape was recorded by Quincy McLean in August 1993 at the Bakehouse Studios, and have released 6 albums, 1 EP and numerous singles over the course of their career.


  • Edmondo Ammendola (of Augie March) - guitars, keyboards, bass, drum programming, effects
  • Karen Anson - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Kieran Carroll - vocals, lyrics (1993 - present)
  • Troy Parker - drums, guitars, synthesizer, bass.(2002-present)


  • Dancing Under The Lights CD EP released May 1995 (Fatal Shore) recorded by Andy Stewart at Stable Sound and Charnwood Studios
  • Push Predictions Compilation CD 1995 ‘Roses Above The Stones’ from ‘Dancing Under The Lights’
  • And What Year Was This? cassette EP released January 1998
  • The Little Truths/The Shoreline and The Apple Tree 7″ split single w/Droplet
  • The October Lovers CD LP released October 1999 (Hip To Hate)
  • Something To Do, Someone To Love, Something To Look Forward Too released December 2001 (BigRig Records)
  • One Month In Every Twelve (promo single) released December 2002
  • Metal For Melbourne & other stories (Big Rig Records) released February 2003
  • This Kiss and One Month In Every Twelve (Aberdeen Remix) - Promo Single released November 2003
  • Days Like Humphrey B Bear (Promo Single) released October 2004
  • If You Change Your City… You Are Sure To Change Your Style (Big Rig Records) released January 2005
  • d.i.y heartbreak
  • the nights you did your hair.

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