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The Bunny The Bear
Matthew "The Bunny" Tybor live in Peoria, IL (2013) 2013-08-20 14-44.jpg
An unmasked Matthew Tybor (left) performing live in Peoria, IL in 2013.
Background information
Origin Buffalo, New York
Years active 2008–present
Associated acts Gym Class Heroes, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, M. T. Ramblings, A Liar Wrote This Symphony, Ovaries, When Wild Dingos Attack, Ramblings From the Rabbit Hole, I Set My Friends On Fire, I, Omega
Website Official website
Members Matthew Tybor
Joseph Garcia
Past members Chris Hutka
(see below)

The Bunny The Bear are an American post-hardcore band from Buffalo, New York.[1][2][3][4][5] Musically, the band is known for its eclectic style of post-hardcore, taking influence from a variety of rock and electronic subgenres, including synthpop, metalcore, experimental rock, alternative rock, and electronica.

The band was formed in 2008 by Matthew Tybor, also referred to as "The Bunny" hence the rabbit mask and persona he incorporates in the group. Tybor was quickly joined by Chris Hutka, known as "The Bear" who likewise, wears a bear mask. In an interview, when asked about the meaning behind the band name and the masks, Tybor stated that "I'm a little weird and a little off, but it was nothing in-depth or a serious meaning behind it. It was more of a random, incoherent thought and I ran with it".[6] The Bunny (Tybor) employs screamed vocals for the band while The Bear provides clean vocals. The band's first five albums featured Chris Hutka as The Bear. Their sixth album A Liar Wrote This features Hutka's then-replacement, Haley Roback, and their seventh album The Way We Rust features Joseph Garcia, who had toured with the band in the past.

Throughout the band's formative years and first three albums, they failed to maintain a consistent lineup, cycling through ten different instrumentalists up to the release of The Stomach For It. For the recording of their fourth album Stories, they worked with studio musicians Doug White, a guitarist and the owner of Watchmen Recording Studios and Matt McGinley, the current drummer of Gym Class Heroes. The duo would work with Tybor for the band's following two albums Food Chain and A Liar Wrote This. In 2012, Tybor reduced the band's membership to two vocalists, and he began touring with regularly-changing touring musicians.

The project's original clean vocalist Chris Hutka has maintained a fluctuating relationship with Tybor and the rest of the band, departing three different times: once for a short time in 2012 following the release of The Stomach For It, the second time in 2013 shortly after the release of Stories, and a final time in late 2014. Hutka was featured on all of the band's releases before his final departure.

To date, The Bunny the Bear has released seven studio albums and one EP. Tybor, being the only consistent member, writes all of the music and lyrics.


The Bunny the Bear and If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say... (2010-2011)[edit]

The Bunny the Bear self-released their self-titled debut album on February 4, 2010. They released a music video for the song entitled "April 11" on June 8, 2010. In December 2010, the band released a music video for a new demo song called "Aisle." The music video caught the attention of independent music label Victory Records, who signed the band in 2011. The band's album, If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say..., was released on June 28, 2011.[7] The band has toured with various artists such as Funeral for a Friend, Escape the Fate, The Amity Affliction, and label mates Victorian Halls to promote the release of If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say. The band toured with Blood on the Dance Floor,[8] Brokencyde, Deuce and others on the "Fight To Unite" tour.

The Stomach For It and Stories (2012-2013)[edit]

The group's third studio album entitled The Stomach For It was announced during March 2012. The album was released on May 22, 2012, from Victory Records, with pre-ordering available weeks earlier.[9] They have released two singles from that album entitled "Lonely" and "Soul", the latter released as a lyric video instead of a music video.

Shortly after the publication of The Stomach For It, Hutka left the band for unknown reasons and was temporarily replaced by Chris Paterson, the former vocalist of Jamie's Elsewhere. Paterson did not record any music with the band and only appeared in a few live performances. Hutka returned to the band shortly after.

In February 2013 The Bunny the Bear announced their fourth studio album entitled Stories for April 16, 2013, from Victory Records. The duo, ditching efforts to maintain a full band lineup, recruited two dedicated studio musicians: guitarist and producer Doug White and drummer Matt McGinley, both of whom had worked with the rap rock band Gym Class Heroes. White had been employed by Tybor as a producer on the project's previous two albums and recorded guitars on Tybor's side project A Liar Wrote This Symphony.

Tybor recorded the bass guitar parts for the album. J.C. Maçek III of PopMatters said in a positive review of the album, "The overall impact of The Bunny the Bear’s Stories is that of a well-unified whole that might alienate as many listeners as it entices, for many of the same reasons."[10] The band began performing with a touring band following the album's release.

The band released two singles from Stories entitled "In Like Flynn" and "Another Day." They have released music videos for "In Like Flynn" and "Sadie" thus far, as well as a lyric video for "Another Day."

On May 19, 2013, Matt Tybor announced on The Bunny the Bear Facebook page that Hutka had departed from the band due to ongoing battles with drug addiction. A couple of days later it was announced that Joseph Garcia, the former singer of the progressive metal band I, Omega had been chosen as Hutka's replacement, although Garcia only remained in the band for a brief period, as Hutka rejoined the band in November 2013. Their song "In Like Flynn" won music video of the year on Victory Records in 2013.

Food Chain and Third Departure of Hutka (2014-2015)[edit]

Somewhere in late December, the band posted videos on their Facebook showing them in the studio performing new unheard songs. In January 2014, the band announced their fifth studio album would be released in stores on March 18 through Victory Records. Shortly after the announcement was made, the band hit the road on a headlining tour with support from Jose Garzon.

The band released the first single off Food Chain entitled "High Tides and Swimming Conditions" on February 11, 2014.

In February, the band announced on their Facebook that they would be supporting Mindless Self Indulgence on the American leg of "How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence Tour 2014" in March, in support of the new album. On March 6 the band premiered their music video for "First Met You" via their YouTube. On March 18 the album Food Chain was released. On 14 April 2014, another music video was premiered on YouTube for the song "Skyscrapers."

On November 19, Chris Hutka announced on Facebook his third departure from the band due to ongoing disagreements with other band members, in addition to focusing on family life as well as a potential solo career. Shortly after, Tybor replaced Hutka with a friend, Haley Roback, who began touring with the group. It has been stated by many of the groups touring musicians that Hutka's struggle with addiction was the primary source of turbulence throughout his time in the band.Tybor has since kept out of headlines in regards to commenting in any substantial detail on Hutka's parting.

A Liar Wrote This and Departure of Roback (2015-2016)[edit]

On May 5, 2015, they finished recording their upcoming album. The following month, the band's sixth album A Liar Wrote This was announced, set for release on July 24, 2015. The album is the first full-length release by the band without Chris Hutka acting as The Bear.

A re-recorded version of "It's Not Always Cold in Buffalo" (originally on Stories) was released on May 25, 2015, with an accompanying music video. The track featured on the band's sixth album. The album's first single "Lover's Touch" was released on June 16, 2015. "Lover's Touch" is the first original release by the band without Chris Hutka. On July 24, A Liar Wrote This was released.

The band left Victory Records shortly after the release of A Liar Wrote This.

On December 20, 2015, Roback had announced that she had become pregnant and wouldn't be performing with the band on their upcoming 2016 tour. Tybor then replaced Roback with Joseph Garcia, who had toured with the band in 2013 coinciding with Hutka's second departure.

On January 23, 2016, Roback stated on Facebook that she would not be returning to The Bunny The Bear; touring or otherwise. Tybor has since stated the same.

Return of Joseph Garcia and The Way We Rust (2016-present)[edit]

On February 11, Tybor announced on Facebook that a remastered edition of the band's debut album The Bunny the Bear would be released on April 11, 2016.

Shortly after Tybor released "Where It Began", which is a compilation of unreleased demos from 2008. Tybor also released two rarities albums throughout late 2016 featuring more unreleased TBTB demos as well as songs from his various side projects.

On January 10, 2017, the band announced that they had signed to Needful Things (a label distributed by Tragic Hero Records). Coinciding with this, their seventh studio album entitled The Way We Rust was formally announced, scheduled for release on March 17. The album will feature vocals performed by Joseph Garcia. This marks the longest gap of time between albums, making 2016 the first year since their debut without a release from the band.

The album's first single, titled "Love Lies," was released on the same day. On March 17, The Way We Rust was released.

Side Projects[edit]

Throughout the course of The Bunny the Bear's existence, Tybor has been involved in a variety of side projects.

In 2012, Tybor formed a short-lived side project called "A Liar Wrote This Symphony," featuring himself on vocals, Doug White on guitar, and Val Hill on drums. The project featured a more lush and symphonic sound than The Bunny the Bear at the time; this sound would eventually influence Tybor's future recordings with The Bunny the Bear. Five of the project's demos were re-recorded as The Bunny The Bear Tracks: Somewhat Standards, Lover's Touch, Curtain Call, Motions and Sleep Sequence (from A Liar Wrote This). A Liar Wrote This Symphony has not been active since 2012, shortly after its formation.

Also in 2012, Tybor created a solo project called "Ovaries," which featured a darker electronicore sound that would later be heard on The Bunny the Bear's fifth album, Food Chain. Ovaries released four demos titled "Food Chain," "Logic," "Secrets," "The Butcher, My Bride," and "The Melody The Memory." "Food Chain" was later re-recorded for the album of the same name. Likewise, Ovaries has not been active since 2012.

In 2014, Tybor and White formed a new project called "When Wild Dingos Attack," featuring an aggressive metalcore and grindcore-influenced sound. When Wild Dingos Attack did a limited release of a self-titled album in 2015. The project is still active, although no music has been released since their self-titled debut.

In July 2016, Tybor formed another project titled "Ramblings From the Rabbit Hole", which included himself as well as his long-time friend and poet Duke Donaldson. The project implied focus on complex lyricism. Two demo tracks have been released, titled "Gabels" and "Triggers." Tybor has stated that a debut album is almost finished.

In September 2016, Tybor announced plans to release a rarities album featuring songs from A Liar Wrote This Symphony and Ovaries, as well as some The Bunny the Bear demos.

Coinciding with his departure in November 2014, Chris Hutka stated that he would be focusing on a solo project, and on December 10th, 2016 Hutka announced that he will be in the studio recording his new LP in February 2017.

M. T. Ramblings[edit]

Cover art for Starving For Color. Matthew Tybor's authorial debut under the pen name M. T. Ramblings.
Cover art for Starving For Color. Matthew Tybor's authorial debut under the pen name M. T. Ramblings.

In mid-2016, Matthew Tybor announced he had begun writing a book under the pen name M. T. Ramblings (pronounced as "Empty Ramblings").

Tybor's authorial debut, Starving For Color, was released on October 17, 2016. It currently has a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. [11]


The Bunny The Bear[edit]

  • Matthew "The Bunny" Tybor - unclean vocals, lyricist, songwriter (2008–present) clean vocals, (2013–present) bass (2013-present, studio only)
  • Joseph "The Bear 3.0" Garcia - clean vocals (2013, 2016-present)

Studio Members[edit]

  • Doug White - guitar (2013-present)
  • Mike Novak - drums (2012)
  • Matthew McGinley - drums (2013-present)

Touring Musicians[edit]

  • Mike Rizzuto - guitar (2015-present)
  • Adam Seitz - bass (2017-present)
  • Joey Galligan - drums (2016-present)
  • Rick Kielma- guitar (2017-present)

Former Band Members[edit]

  • Chris "The Bear" Hutka - clean vocals (2008–2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Haley "The Bear 4.0" Roback - clean vocals (2015)
  • Mike Toczek Jr. - guitar (2008–2009)
  • Chris Cole - guitar (2009–2010)
  • Erik Kogut - guitar (2009–2011)
  • Amber Kogut - guitar, backing vocals (2011)
  • Cody Morse - guitar (2011–2012)
  • Steven Drachenberg - bass (2008–2009, 2011–2012, 2016)
  • Derek Anthony - bass (2009–2011)
  • Jim Kaczmarski - drums (2008–2010)
  • Matt Trozzi - drums (2011-2012, 2014-2015)
  • Brian Dietz - drums (2011, 2013, 2016)

Former Touring Musicians[edit]

  • Chris "The Bear 2.0" Paterson - clean vocals (2012)
  • Chris Burton - triggers (2013)
  • Jonathan Quick - guitar (2012, 2013)
  • Zack Lee - drums (2012)
  • Jae Segatto - drums (2013)
  • Danny Stillman - guitars, keyboards, programming, triggers, vocals (2011)
  • Nate Blasdell - guitar (2013-2015)
  • Louie Caycoya - guitar (2014–2015)
  • Alex Matos - guitar (2011-2014)
  • Danny Case - guitar (2014-2015)
  • Jose Garzon - bass (2014)
  • Rob Weston - bass (2014, 2015)
  • Tommy Vinton - drums (2012, 2013-2014)
  • Joey Lawson - clean vocals (2016)


The Bunny The Bear discography
Studio albums 7
EPs 1
Singles 13
Studio albums
Year Album Chart positions

2010 The Bunny The Bear
2011 If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...
2012 The Stomach For It
2013 Stories
2014 Food Chain
2015 A Liar Wrote This
2017 The Way We Rust
Year Album details
2014 Acoustic EP


  • "April 11" (2010)
  • "Aisle" (2010)
  • "Ocean Floor" (2011)
  • "C'est Pas Si Loin" (2011)
  • "Lonely" (2012)
  • "Soul" (Lyric video) (2012)
  • "In Like Flynn" (2013)
  • "Another Day" (Lyric video) (2013)
  • "Sadie" (2013)
  • "High Tides and Swimming Conditions" (Lyric video) (2014)
  • "First Met You" (2014)
  • "Skyscrapers" (2014)
  • "The Seeds We Sow" (2014)
  • "It's Not Always Cold in Buffalo" (revisited) (2015)
  • "Lover's Touch" (2015)
  • "Love Lies" (2017)
  • "I Am Free" (2017)


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