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The Buzz may refer to:

  • The Buzz (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics' series Spider-Girl
  • The Buzz (talk show), a television entertainment news and talk show in the Philippines (known as Buzz ng Bayan since 2013, but later was reverted to its original name in the 2nd quarter of 2014)
  • KRBZ, a Kansas City radio station known as "The Buzz"
  • KTBZ-FM, a Houston radio station known as "The Buzz"
  • WBUZ-FM, a Nashville, Tennessee radio station also known as "The Buzz"
  • WSBU-FM, a college radio station at St. Bonaventure, NY known as "The Buzz"
  • WPBZ, an FM modern rock radio station in West Palm Beach, FL known as "The Buzz"
  • WBTZ, an FM alternative rock radio station broadcasting from Plattsburgh, NY known as "99.9 The Buzz"
  • The Buzz (Australian radio show)

The Buzz may also be:

A person with the name The Buzz:

  • Peter Bosustow (born 1957), Australian rules footballer known as "The Buzz"

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