The Captain and the Kids (MGM animated series)

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The title card for The Captain and the Kids.

In 1938, the comic strip "The Captain and the Kids" (Rudolph Dirks' parallel version of his own strip "The Katzenjammer Kids") was adapted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, becoming the studio's first self-produced series of theatrical cartoon short subjects, directed by William Hanna, Bob Allen, and Friz Freleng. The series was unsuccessful, ending after one year and a total of 15 cartoons. Following that cancellation, Freleng returned to Warner Bros., where he had earlier been an animation director. The Captain was voiced by Billy Bletcher, and John Silver was voiced by Mel Blanc.

The series[edit]


  • Cleaning House
  • Blue Monday
  • Poultry Pirates
  • The Captain's Pup
  • A Day at the Beach
  • What a Lion!
  • The Pygmy Hunt
  • Old Smokey
  • Buried Treasure
  • The Winning Ticket
  • Honduras Hurricane
  • The Captain's Christmas


  • Petunia Natural Park
  • Seal Skinners
  • Mama's New Hat

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