The Cat and the Fiddle (musical)

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The Cat and the Fiddle
Music Jerome Kern
Lyrics Otto Harbach
Book Otto Harbach
Productions 1931 Broadway

The Cat and the Fiddle is a musical with music by Jerome Kern, and lyrics and book by Otto Harbach. The story is about a composer and an opera singer, and the title comes from the second line of the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle" ("the cat and the fiddle").[citation needed] The show features the songs "She Didn't Say Yes" and "The Night Was Made for Love".


The original Broadway production opened at the Globe Theatre on October 15, 1931, moved to the George M. Cohan Theater on May 24, 1932, and ran for a total of 395 performances, an unusual success for the Depression years. It was produced by Max Gordon. The show was created as a vehicle for actress and violinist Odette Myrtil. Other cast members included Lawrence Grossmith, Georges Metaxa, Bettina Hall, Eddie Foy Jr., José Ruben and the Albertina Rasch Dancers.

The 1932 London production by C. B. Cochran at the Palace Theatre featured Alice Delysia, Peggy Wood and Francis Lederer.[1][2] A film version was made in 1934 by MGM, with Jeanette MacDonald and Ramon Novarro.


Act One

  • Overture
  • Opening
  • The Night Was Made for Love
  • The Breeze Kissed Your Hair
  • The Love Parade
  • Try to Forget
  • Poor Pierrot
  • The Passionate Pilgrim

Act Two

  • She Didn't Say Yes
  • A New Love Is Old
  • One Moment Alone
  • Hh! Cha cha!
  • Finale: She Didn't Say Yes


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