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Cell most often refers to:

Cell may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities



Other arts, entertainment, and media

Groups of people


  • Monastic cell, a small room, hut, or cave in which a religious recluse lives, alternatively the small precursor of a monastery with only a few monks or nuns
  • Prison cell, a room used to hold people in prisons

Science, mathematics, and technology

Computing and telecommunications

  • Cell (EDA), a term used in an electronic circuit design schematics
  • Cell (microprocessor), a microprocessor architecture developed by Sony, Toshiba, and IBM
  • Cell, a unit in a database table or spreadsheet, formed by the intersection of a row and a column
  • Cell, in wireless local area networking standards (including Wi-Fi), a wireless connection within a limited area, referred to as a cell or Basic Service Set
  • Cell, a fixed-length data frame used in the Asynchronous Transfer Mode protocol
  • Cellphone, a phone connected to a cellular network
  • Memory cell (computing), the basic unit of (volatile or non-volatile) computer memory


Other uses in science and technology

  • Cell (journal), a scientific journal
  • Electrochemical cell, a device used to convert chemical energy to electrical energy
    • Fuel cell, a device used to convert chemical energy from a fuel like hydrogen to electricity
    • Galvanic cell or voltaic cell, a particular kind of electrochemical cell
  • Photodetector, or photo cell, a sensor which detects light
  • Solar cell, a component of photovoltaic systems used to convert the energy of light into electricity
  • Storm cell, the smallest unit of a storm-producing system

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