The Collection (James album)

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The Collection
Greatest hits album by James (band)
Released 11 October 2004
Recorded 1986–2001
Genre Alternative Britpop
Label Spectrum
James (band) chronology
Getting Away with It... Live
The Collection
Fresh as a Daisy - The Singles

The Collection is the third of four compilation albums by the British alternative rock band James. Released in 2004, almost three years after the band separated in December 2001, it contains an unusual mix of hit singles, key album tracks, B-sides and some rarer tracks, making the release useful for collectors. "So Long Marianne" (a cover of the Leonard Cohen song originally recorded for the 1991 tribute album I'm Your Fan) and "Confusion" (from the Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) soundtrack) appear here for the first time on any James release, "Once a Friend" for the first time on CD, "Lazy" for the first time on a UK release and "Coffee and Toast" for the first time as anything other than a download. The album was produced to provide a retrospective look at James' career; however, it was released with no marketing campaign and without any input from band members, generating little critical interest.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sit Down"
  2. "English Beefcake"
  3. "Seven"
  4. "Lazy"
  5. "So Long Marianne"
  6. "Getting Away with It (All Messed Up)"
  7. "Lost a Friend"
  8. "Once a Friend"
  9. "Coffee and Toast"
  10. "Laid"
  11. "Confusion"
  12. "Heavens"
  13. "She's a Star"
  14. "Five-O"
  15. "Out to Get You"
  16. "I Know What I'm Here For"
  17. "Lose Control (McGuire Mix)"
  18. "Gold Mother (Warp Mix)"