The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life

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The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life
Complete guide to prehistoric life.jpg
Author Tim Haines
Paul Chambers
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Reference work
Publisher Firefly Books
Publication date
Pages 216 pages
ISBN 1-55407-125-9
OCLC 60834094

The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life is an encyclopedia featuring 111 of the prehistoric animals from the Walking with... series, as well as an additional one (Homo floresiensis). It was published in 2006 by Firefly Books, and written by Tim Haines with Paul Chambers. It accompanies all programs in the Walking with... series except Walking with Cavemen, Prehistoric Park and Primeval.


The book is divided into four sections other than the Index and Glossary, the Paleozoic, the Mesozoic, the Cenozoic, and the Timeline or the Tree of Life. The previous three sections contain brief summaries of the time periods featured, and detailed entries for the featured animals. The lists of creatures are in the order they are shown in the book.