The Craft of Research

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The Craft of Research is a book by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams. The book aims to provide a basic overview of how to research, from the process of selecting a topic and gathering sources to the process of writing results. The book has gone through four editions, and become a standard text in college composition classes. The book is a winner of the 1995-96 Critics' Choice Award. [1]



Research, researchers, and readers[edit]

  1. Thinking in Print: The Uses of Research, Public and Private
  2. Connecting with Your Reader: (Re)Creating Your Self and Your Audience

Asking questions, finding answers[edit]

  1. From Topics to Questions
  2. From Questions to Problems
  3. From Problems to Sources
  4. Using Sources

Making a claim and supporting it[edit]

  1. Making Good Arguments: An Overview
  2. Claims
  3. Reasons and Evidence
  4. Acknowledgments and Responses
  5. Warrants

Preparing a draft, drafting, and revising[edit]

  1. Planning and Drafting
  2. Revising Your Organization and Argument
  3. Introductions and Conclusions
  4. Communicating Evidence Visually
  5. Revising Style: Telling Your Story Clearly

Some last considerations[edit]

  1. The Ethics of Research
  2. A Postscript for Teachers
  3. An Appendix on Finding Sources
  4. General Sources
  5. Special Sources
  6. A Note on Some of Our Sources
  7. Index

Editions in print[edit]


Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean [2], Portuguese [3], Russian [4], Spanish [5], and Swedish [6].

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