The Creeping Nobodies

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The Creeping Nobodies
The Creeping Nobodies.jpg
The Creeping Nobodies, April 2007
Background information
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Post-punk, Experimental
Years active 2001–2009
Labels Blocks Recording Club ([][][][][][])
Deleted Art
Kosher Rock Records
Associated acts Parts Unknown
The Sick Lipstick
Memories Forever
The Sharp Tongues
Skull Bong
The Singing Saw Shadow Show
Lenin I Shumov
Bruised Knees
Past members Dennis Amos
Matthew McDonough
Sarah Richardson
Valerie Uher
Derek Westerholm
James Anderson
Julia Muth
Eric Abboud
Marco Landini
George Westerholm
Jaime Carrasco

The Creeping Nobodies were a Canadian rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2001. They played their final gig in 2009.

The Creeping Nobodies began as a one-off performance for a tribute night to the UK band The Fall, and were put together by Derek Westerholm. The tribute night was held on September 21, 2001 at the El Mocambo club in Toronto, and the band name "The Creeping Nobodies" came from the name of a fictitious band mentioned in some artwork on a Fall record sleeve. Immediately afterwards, the band became its own entity, investigating a wider range of musical influences.

The band released many of their records on Blocks Recording Club (sometimes referred to simply as [][][][][][] Recording) - a workers co-operative which also released records by Final Fantasy, Ninja High School, Katie Stelmanis, Lenin I Shumov, The Hank Collective, Fucked Up, and The Phonemes, among others. Other CD and vinyl releases have appeared on labels such as Deleted Art, fromSCRATCH, Bloodworks Music and Kosher Rock Records, as well as a number of compilation appearances.

The band line up changed a number of times over the years, the most stable lineup occurring between 2004-2007 consisting of Westerholm, Uher, Amos, McDonough and Richardson. In 2007 Westerholm himself left prior to the band's last recordings and final tour in Europe. The band's last performance occurred in May, 2009, and at that time The Creeping Nobodies were Dennis Amos, Sarah Richardson, Valerie Uher and Matthew McDonough.



  1. Augurs & Auspices (Deleted Art, 2007)
  2. Sound of Joy (Blocks, 2006)
  3. Stop Movement Stop Loss (Blocks, 2004)

EPs and mini-albums[edit]

  • Silver & Golden Apples 3" cdep (Akashic Records, 2007)
  • Split cdep w/ Miranda (fromSCRATCH, 2007)
  • Split 12" LP w/ Anagram (Blocks/Dead Astronaut, 2006)
  • Half-Saboteur 12" LP (Bloodworks, 2005)
  • I-X-U cd (Kosher Rock, 2002)


Other appearances[edit]

  • Galactic Dossier Issue No. 8 CD Compilation (2009) (Song "Beltane")
  • Suoni Il Per Popolo Festival Compilation (2006) (Song "Hollow Stems, A Hunter's Will")
  • Perverted By Mark E. - A Tribute to The Fall Zick Zack Compilation (2004) (Song "Wings")
  • Toronto is Great! Blocks Compilation (2004) (Song "Heatseek")
  • In The Film They Made Us A Little More Articulate Escape Goat Records Compilation (2003) (Song "Cold Hands")
  • Rosco Re-define Rosco Magazine Sampler (2002) (Song "State")

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