BoOzy' OS and the Cristal Gem

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BoOzy' OS and the Cristal Gem
Directed by Ken Arsyn
Produced by Ken Arsyn
Written by Ken Arsyn
Screenplay by Ken Arsyn
Story by Ken Arsyn
Based on BoOzy' OS
by Ken Arsyn
Starring Ken Arsyn
Georges Colazzo
Music by Ken Arsyn
Edited by Ken Arsyn
CreaSyn Studio
Red 3ye Productions
Distributed by KAJA Films
Release date
  • April 14, 2013 (2013-04-14) (AIAFF, France)
Running time
5 minutes
Country France
Language French

BoOzy' OS and the Cristal Gem (also known as The Cristal Gem)[1] (French: BoOzy' OS et la Gemme de Cristal, also known as La Gemme de Cristal) is a 2013 French animation short film based on the French animated television series BoOzy' OS, and directed, written, scored by and starring its creator Ken Arsyn. It was produced by CreaSyn Studio and Red 3ye Productions.

The film was first released at Annecy International Animated Film Festival on April 14, 2013. It was presented during the Dailymotion, Cartoon Network Studios and Annecy international event "+ de courts! Online animation film contest by Annecy", and arrived first.[2]

The film title[1] refers to the Annecy award internationally named "Cristal d'Annecy".


BoOzy' OS, a muscular caveman, is seeking the "Cristal" of Annecy.


The film parodies video game characters such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Doctor Robotnik and Mario as well as animated Disney films like Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. The Cristal Gem also heavily parodies most of Ken Arsyn's movies, such as Cow Hard and Stop-and-Cop.


  • Ken Arsyn as BoOzy' OS / Mari' OS / OSmic The Hedgeh' OS / SkoOlet' OS / Rob' OSmic / PoOlet' OS (voice);
  • Georges Colazzo as Victor Chai (voice).


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