Dark side of the Moon

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Dark side of the Moon may refer to:

  • Far side of the Moon, the portion of the Moon's surface that cannot be directly observed from Earth

In music[edit]



  • The Pink Floyd songs "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse" often mistakenly labelled "Dark Side of the Moon" because the phrase is repeated therein.
  • "The Dark Side of the Moon", a major work for brass band by Paul Lovatt-Cooper
  • "Dark Side of the Moon", a track by Dutch trance group Ernesto vs Bastian containing a reference to Pink Floyd's piece.
  • "Dark Side of the Moon", a song by German dance/trance group Dune
  • "Dark Side of the Moon", an unreleased song by Elton John
  • "Dark Side of the Moon", the final track on Lisa Brokop's 2000 album, Undeniable


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