The Daylight and Building Component Award

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The Daylight and Building Component Award
Sponsored byThe VELUX Foundation
DateAround the first of March each year
Reward(s)100,000 Euro
First awarded1980

The Daylight and Building Component Award is presented annually to an individual, or group of individuals, who have contributed significantly to the technical, social, artistic or design-related understanding of daylight. Previous awardees include architects, scientists, artists and building professionals, and the award carries with it a prize of 100,000 Euro. The award was established in 1980 and is given by the VELUX Foundation.


Upon its establishment in 1980, the Daylight and Building Component Award was given to Danish citizens who had made a significant contribution to the understanding and practical use of daylight. In the early years, this meant that many of the recipients were architects or artists, many of whom had worked with daylight in an architectural or design context. Jørn Utzon, one of the most famous Danish Architects of the 20th century, was among the group awarded the first year. Through the next twenty-five years, the award was given intermittently, often to larger groups of individuals. In 2006, the award was given to the father-son team of architects Povl Wilhelm Wohlert and Claus Ditlev Wohlert.

In 2008, was converted to an annual award with four categories:

  1. Daylighting design
  2. Contribution to the science of daylighting
  3. Contribution to awareness or interest about daylighting.
  4. Contribution to the awareness of the industrial building component's importance, value and practical use in the everyday life

The monetary prize was also doubled in 2008 to 100,000 Euro, making it one of the largest of its kind within the architecture and building communities worldwide.

In 2010, the award was given to American architect James Carpenter, whose recent projects include the design of 7 World Trade Center, the first building to be reconstructed at the site since Sept. 11, 2001.

The award is given around the first of March each year at a ceremony in Hørsholm, Denmark.

List of Recipients[edit]

Year Name Country Comments
1980 Jørn Utzon Denmark Architect.
1980 Jens Urup Jensen Denmark Painter
1980 Knud Thomsen Denmark Architect
1980 Erik Flagsted Rasmussen Denmark Architect
1987 Holger Jensen Denmark
1987 Henning Larsen Denmark Architect
1988 Per Sten Hebsgaard Denmark Glass Artist
1988 Torben Hjort Denmark Architect
1988 Sven Åge Larsen Denmark Ceramic Artist
1988 Niels Frithiof Truelsen Denmark Architect
2000 H.N.Brandt England Manager
2005 Jørgen Troelsen Denmark Engineer
2005 Michel Langrand France Manager
2005 István Kónya Hungary Manager
2006 Povl Wilhelm Wohlert Denmark Architect
2006 Claus Ditlev Wohlert Denmark Architect
2008 Richard Perez [1] USA/France Scientist
2009 Karl Lenhardt[2] Germany Inventor
2010 James Carpenter USA Architect

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