The Deighton Family

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The Deighton Family is an English folk ensemble from Yorkshire, England.[1] The group is led by husband and wife Dave and Josie Deighton, and the five other members are their children, Maya, Arthur, Kathleen, Rosalie and Angelina.[1]

The Deighton Family's first album was released in 1980.[2] Their second album, Acoustic Music to Suit Most Occasions, was named Record of the Year by NPR in the U.S. in 1989.[3] A third full-length album was released in 1991.[1]

Kathleen Deighton-Cousins died from cancer on 24 December 2010.[4]


  • Dave Deighton – melodeon, harmonica, fiddle, guitar, vocals
  • Josie Deighton – guitar, bodhran
  • Maya Deighton – tin whistle, flute
  • Arthur Deighton – mandolin, guitar, piano
  • Kathleen Deighton – fiddle
  • Rosalie Deighton – vocals, drums, mandolin
  • Angelina Deighton – drums



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