The Dig (band)

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The Dig
Origin New York City, United States
Genres Rock, Psych Pop, baroque pop, alternative rock, indie rock
Years active 2010–present
Labels Buffalo Jump Records
Members David Baldwin
Emile Mosseri
Erick Eiser
Mark Demiglio
Past members Jamie Alegre

The Dig is an American Rock band based in New York City, consisting of Emile Mosseri (bass/vocals), David Baldwin (guitar/vocals), Erick Eiser (keyboards/guitar), and Mark Demiglio (drums).

The band released its debut album Electric Toys in 2010, followed by Midnight Flowers in 2012, and two EPs, Tired Hearts and You & I in 2013.


The Dig's singers Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin started playing in a band together when they were 10 years old.[1] The band used to rehearse next door to The Strokes, which led to early comparisons between the two bands.[2]

Since releasing their debut album, they have toured or performed with such bands as The Lumineers, The Antlers,[3] The Walkmen,[4] Portugal. The Man, and Editors.[3][5]

Electric Toys (2010)[edit]

In 2010, the band released their debut album, Electric Toys, which was produced by Bryce Goggin who has worked with Pavement, Ramones and Swans. As explained by Mosseri in an interview with UK/US music Web site There Goes the Fear, the album title is a reference to a lyric in the song "She's Going to Kill That Boy" and suggests that the album is a collection of electric toys.[6] described the album by stating, "Overall, this album does not sound like a debut, and I am sure that it is just the start of what this incredible band can record."[7]

Midnight Flowers (2012)[edit]

In 2012, the band released Midnight Flowers, with describing its features as "eerie post-punk riffs, strident bass lines, and meditative melodies"[4] It was well received, earning a 3.5-star rating from Consequence of Sound.[8] also praised the album, stating "Midnight Flowers is a 10-track gem, filled with grimy guitar riffs and spaced-out melodies that echo the vibe of their native city. The album is big and booming with enough power to put them on the main stage next to the indie greats that they’ve opened for in the past.[9]

Tired Hearts and You & I (2013)[edit]

In June of 2013, the band released their first EP, "Tired Hearts." According to Consequence of Sound [10] "It’s a The Cure-meets-T. Rex sound that utilizes dark keyboards, with enough reverb to drown Robert Smith...“Without Your Love” sounds like surf rock written by Joy Division, layered with thick reverb and football fields of echo."

A second EP entitled You & I was released in October, 2013. The EP's first track "Cold Afternoon" was featured in the popular TV show Shameless on March 9, 2014.[11]


  • 2010: Electric Toys
  • 2012: Midnight Flowers
  • 2013: Tired Hearts - EP
  • 2013: You & I - EP
  • 2017: Bloodshot Tokyo


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