The Donovan Affair

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The Donovan Affair
Directed by Frank Capra
Produced by Harry Cohn
Written by Owen Davis (play)
Howard J. Green (screenplay)
Dorothy Howell (screenplay)
Starring Jack Holt
Dorothy Revier
William Collier Jr.
Cinematography Ted Tetzlaff
Edited by Arthur Roberts
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • April 11, 1929 (1929-04-11)
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Donovan Affair is a 1929 American Pre-Code comedic murder-mystery film directed by Frank Capra. It was produced by Harry Cohn for Columbia Pictures. Its original soundtrack, recorded on soundtrack discs, has been lost, although it has been recreated for live performances.[1]


After the lights go out at a fancy party, Jack Donovan (John Roche) turns up dead. Inspector Killian (Jack Holt) is called to the scene. As part of the investigation, he calls for a re-enactment of the events leading up to the murder. The lights go out, and another person turns up dead. Inspector Killian again calls for a re-enactment.[2][3]



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