The European (1953 magazine)

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The European
Editor Diana Mosley
Categories Culture, politics
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1953
Final issue 1959
Company Euphorion Books
Country France
Language English

The European was a privately circulated far-right cultural and political magazine that was published between 1953 and 1959. During this tenure, it was edited by fascist supporter and politician Diana Mosley.[1] The magazine was published by 'Euphorion Books', a publishing company formed by Mosley and her husband, Sir Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists.[1]


The magazine included both cultural and political segments. The magazine often focused on literature and philosophy, providing a platform for writers, intellectuals and poets. Continuing political themes included Nationalism vs. Europeanism and the study of practical forms of syndicalism.[2] It was initially founded as a platform for Sir Oswald to raise consciousness of his doctrine of Europe a Nation. The publication also stressed the importance that Britain should join the European Community. Although the majority of contributors were pro-Europe, the magazine was an "open forum" thus they did not always necessarily agree with Mosley's political ideas.[3]


As well as editing the magazine, Diana Mosley contributed regular diary entries, articles and book reviews. Several of these contributions were republished in the 2008 book The Pursuit of Laughter, a collection of journalism by Mosley.[4] Sir Oswald Mosley also contributed a regular column, and used an alias.

Notably, the publication also included contributions by established figures such as Alexander Raven Thomson, Ezra Pound, Roy Campbell, Henry Williamson, A. James Gregor and Hugo Charteris.[citation needed] The magazine also concentrated on publishing up-and-coming British intellectuals, writers and poets such as Desmond Stewart, Alan Neame, Noel Stock, Peter Whigham and Denis Goacher.[2]

Later, the magazine published articles by figures from mainland Europe such as Jacques Brousse, Henri Gilbert, Michel Mohrt and Otto Strasser.[2]

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