The Farmers' Lunch

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The Farmers' Lunch
Diego Velázquez 005.jpg
Artist Diego Velázquez
Year 1618
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions 96 cm × 112 cm (38 in × 44 in)
Location Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

The Farmers' Lunch (Almuerzo de campesinos) is one of the earliest paintings by the Spanish artist Diego Velázquez. Painted in oil on canvas in 1618, it combines a still life of food and drink with a depiction of three comic farmers, whose physiognomy the artist studies closely. The composition shows a younger man gesturing with his right hand to reinforce the story coming from his half-open lips, and an older man listening attentively while holding his cup up to a woman so she can refill it with wine. The still life includes fish, bread, a carrot, a lemon, and a copper vessel.

The Farmers' Lunch is nearly identical to another painting by Velázquez, The Lunch (ca. 1617).