The Feather Fairy

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The Feather Fairy
The feather fairy poster.jpg
Directed byJuraj Jakubisko
Written byBrothers Grimm (original)
Juraj Jakubisko
Ľubomír Feldek
Produced bySlovenská filmová tvorba, Bratislava / Omnia Film, Munich
StarringGiulietta Masina
Valerie Kaplanová
Soňa Valentová
Tobias Hoesl
Music byPetr Hapka
Release date
Running time
95 minutes
CountriesWest Germany

The Feather Fairy (Slovak: Perinbaba) is a 1985 adaptation of a Brothers Grimm's Mother Hulda short story directed by Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko. A fairy tale about a grandma who cares for snow and a boy who isn't afraid of death.


A fairy tale not only for children about Jacob, who through his courage, manages to trick death. The film plays with man's never-ending desire for happiness, love and victory over death. Mrs. Winter, The Feather Fairy, rules the world and also, being so open hearted, raises little Jacob, who almost died in an avalanche. Life in the fairytale is perfect, the little boy is immortal, he doesn't get older, and he has everything. Even though his life is perfect he watches human life through a looking glass. He sees a young girl Alžbetka growing into a young lady, and he desires to be a normal person and live with his love. J. Jakubisko: “What you do now with the special digital effects we did without them. My friend Federico Fellini persuaded Giulietta Masina to be the Feather Fairy and she brought a spark and lightness to the story.”

Film Awards[edit]

  • Czechoslovakia Zlín Film Festival 1986
    • Special Jury Prize
  • Czechoslovakia Slovakian Film Medal 1986
  • Czechoslovakia XXIV. Festival of Czech and Slovakian Film 1986
    • Prize for art production
  • France IV. Film Festival for youth Lyon 1986
    • Young Audience Member's Prize for best film
  • UNICEF Grand Prix, 1986
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Film Festival in Belgrade 1986
    • Audience Prize for best film
  • Italy XLII.Venice Film Festival 1986
    • Catholic Prize
  • Italy Venice Film Festival 1986
    • Certificate of Merit RAI II
  • Spain Gijón International Film Festival 1986
    • Jury Prize for the best special effects
  • Quebec International Film Festival Rimouski 1988
    • Grand Prize Camerio
  • Argentina I. International Film Festival for children Buenos Aires 1988
    • Grand Prize

Premiere screening[edit]

1 November 1985

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