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A fence is a barrier enclosing or bordering a field, yard, etc., usually made of posts and wire or wood, used to prevent entrance, to confine, or to mark a boundary.

Fence, fences or fencing may also refer to:

Science and technology[edit]



  • Fence (magazine), an American literary magazine
  • Fences (play), a 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by August Wilson
    • Fences (film), a 2016 film adaptation of the play, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, and directed by Washington
  • Slitherlink or Fences, logic puzzle published by Nikoli




  • Fencing, a sport of armed combat using a foil, épée, or saber
  • Horse jumping obstacles, obstacles to be jumped as part of a show-jumping or cross-country course


  • Fencing, the English term for historical European martial arts, often including the dagger, longsword, rapier, and sword and buckler

Other uses[edit]