The Fender IV

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The Fender IV
OriginBaltimore Maryland, United States
GenresSurf rock
Years active1963 (1963)-1964 (1964), 2016
Associated actsThe Sons of Adam
Past members
  • Randy Holden
  • Joe Kooken (AKA: Jac Ttanna, Jack Thomas)
  • Mike Port
  • Bruce Miller

The Fender IV were an American surf rock band of the 1960s.

The Fender IV were started up in Baltimore, by guitarist Randy Holden. Although almost prevented by a bumble bee,[1] he successfully moved the band to Southern California in 1963, in order to play for a more receptive audience. Their music was strongly influenced by Dick Dale, and The Ventures. When the popularity for surf music decreased their style changed to a vocal based sound, and they changed name to Sons of Adam, bestowed upon them by the record producer Kim Fowley.

In 2016, Randy Holden was contacted by Matt Quilter to play at the "Surf 101 Convention", Alpine Village, Torrence CA. The result was Randy reforming the Fender IV group with original rhythm guitarist, Joe Kooken (aka: Jac TTanna). The additional musicians for the show were Matt Quilter on bass and Dusty Watson (who has played for Dick Dale) on drums. Subsequently, a DVD of the concert was released. Additionally, as a result of the "Surf 101 Convention" show, Randy was invited to play the "Surfer Joe Festival" in Livorno, Italy, June 22 through June 25 2017.

Band members[edit]

  • Randy Holden guitar, vocals
  • Joe Kooken guitar
  • Mike Port bass
  • Bruce Miller drums



  • Randy Holden Early Works 64-66 (also included the Sons of Adam period)


  • Fender IV: Surf 101 - Live (2016)


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