The Following Story

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The Following Story
Author Cees Nooteboom
Original title Het volgende verhaal
Translator Ina Rilke
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch
Publisher De Arbeiderspers
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 92
ISBN 90-70066-88-2

The Following Story (Dutch: Het volgende verhaal) is a 1991 novel by the Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom. It portrays a former teacher of classical languages, turned writer of travel guides, who has a mysterious experience in which he wakes up in a different city from where he fell asleep.

It won the 1993 European Literary Prize. The novel was published in an English translation in 1993.


Ben Rogers of The Independent (UK) described the novel as "both abstract and particular, poetic and prosaic, surreal and mundane."[1] He wrote that the ideas of the novel will appeal to philosophers and scientists alike, as well as to both classicist and fans of modern literature. Rogers continued:

"Yet beyond the learning so wittily displayed, there is something deeper that might speak to anyone: a voyage around memory and death, myth and disillusionment. By the end, Nooteboom has shown himself a master of ironic wisdom, but also of elated, elegiac feeling. Intricately composed and finely translated, The Following Story will still be delivering after many readings - and on the first it is funny as well as affecting."[1]

The novel won the 1993 European Literary Prize.

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