Galway Girl (Steve Earle song)

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"The Galway Girl"
Song by Steve Earle from the album Transcendental Blues
Released 2000
Recorded 2000
Genre Folk
Length 3:05
Writer(s) Steve Earle
Producer(s) Steve Earle, Ray Kennedy

"Galway Girl" is a song written by Steve Earle[1] and recorded with Irish musician Sharon Shannon originally as "The Galway Girl". It was featured on Earle's 2000 album Transcendental Blues.[2] "The Galway Girl" tells the semi-autobiographical story of the songwriter's reaction to a beautiful black haired blue eyed girl he meets in Galway, Ireland.[1] Local references include Salthill and The Long Walk.

A cover version of the song by Mundy and Sharon Shannon reached number one and became the most downloaded song of 2008 in Ireland, and has gone on to become the eighth highest selling single in Irish chart history.[3] It has been subject of a great number of covers and live interpretations.

Cover versions[edit]

Mundy version[edit]

"The Galway Girl"
Single by Mundy and Sharon Shannon
Released April 2008
Format Compact disc/download
Genre Folk
Writer(s) Steve Earle

Irish artist Mundy collaborated with Sharon Shannon on a cover of "Galway Girl", a track she had previously performed with Steve Earle. A studio version of the track reached number one on the Irish Singles Chart in April 2008 and remained there for five weeks.[4] It was the biggest-selling download in Ireland in 2008, and was a winning nominee at the 2008 Meteor Awards.[5] The song was the highest-selling single in Ireland in 2008.

Mundy also recorded an Irish language version of the track, entitled "Cailín na Gaillimhe", for Ceol '08, an Irish language compilation record which was released in 2008 to raise money for several Irish charities.

Other versions[edit]

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The comedian Stewart Lee references and performs the song in his 2009 Edinburgh Fringe show and also on his live DVD If You Prefer a Milder Comedian Please Ask for One, released on 11 October 2010.

References in popular culture[edit]

"Galway Girl" featured in the 2008 Magners cider advertising campaign.

The song appears in the 2007 film P.S. I Love You, where Gerard Butler's character sings the song for Hilary Swank's character. This was also sung by Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character to Swank.

The song featured in the TV series Treme (in episode 9 of the second series, entitled "What Is New Orleans?"). It was performed by Steve Earle (in his role of Harley, a street musician) with Lucia Micarelli and Spider Stacy (of The Pogues) accompanying him on violin and pennywhistle.