The Gene Machine

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The Gene Machine
The Gene Machine cover.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s)Divide By Zero
Publisher(s)Vic Tokai

The Gene Machine is a graphical point-and-click action adventure game, originally released in 1996 and published by Vic Tokai. It was developed by Divide By Zero.

It describes the adventures of a fictional British gentleman named Piers Featherstonehaugh (pronounced "fanshaw") and his manservant Mossop. The plot shared many common elements with Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and From the Earth to the Moon, as well as many other literary and historical references to Victorian England, such as Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, The Time Machine, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jack the Ripper and many others.

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