The God Thing

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The God Thing
The God Thing cover.jpg
Studio album by Vanden Plas
Released 1997
Genre Prog metal
Length 56:45
Label Inside Out Music / Limb Music
Producer Vanden Plas
Vanden Plas chronology
The God Thing
Far Off Grace
(1999)Far Off Grace1999

The God Thing is the second full-length studio album by the German progressive metal band Vanden Plas. It was later re-released in 2004 as a special edition with two bonus tracks.[1][2][3][4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Fire Blossom" Instrumental Werno 2:55
2. "Rainmaker" Kuntz S.Lill 6:40
3. "Garden of Stones" Kuntz Kuntz/Werno 7:48
4. "In You: I Believe" Kuntz S.Lill/Werno 4:28
5. "Day I Die" Kuntz S.Lill 6:05
6. "Crown of Thorns" Kuntz Kuntz 6:42
7. "We're Not God" Kuntz S.Lill 7:12
8. "Salt in My Wounds" Kuntz S.Lill 7:21
9. "You Fly" Kuntz S.Lill 7:34
Bonus tracks
No. Title Length
1. "Combien De Larmes" (French bonus track, 2004 reissue bonus track) 4:29
2. "You Fly (live)" (2004 reissue bonus track) 9:16
3. "Spanish Rain (Saigon Kick cover)" (French limited FNAC edition) 7:15
4. "Days of Thunder (acoustic version)" (French limited FNAC edition) 4:39
5. "Raining in My Heart" (French limited FNAC edition) 4:39


Guest musicians

  • Paul Achim Schneider - cello (on "Fire Blossom", "Crown of Thorns" & "You Fly")
  • Gunni Mahling - violin (on "Fire Blossom", "Crown of Thorns" & "You Fly")


  • Produced by Vanden Plas
  • Recorded and mixed at ROKO Soundstudio in Schöneck, GER
  • Engineered and mixed by Robert Kohlmeyer
  • Keyboards and strings recorded at Jam Studio in Pirmasens, GER
  • Engineered by Stefan Glass
  • Backing vocals by Andy Kuntz, Stephan Lill & Günter Werno
  • Cover design and layout by Arsenic
  • Cover sculpture made by Cesare Marcotto
  • Sculpture photographed by Manfred Prusseit
  • Photos by Artur Bente


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