The Goner

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The Goner
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Psychedelic folk, folk rock, drone
Years active 2008–2012
Labels Svarta Marknaden, Deep Water Acres, Sideways Through Sound, Dying For Bad Music, Lystring
Website Official site
Members Daniel Westerlund
Johan Knudsen
Jonas Eriksson
Karin Agatonne
Anna Holm
Sebastian Tunstig
Past members Petra Wahlgren
Josef Bjerlin
Thorbjörn Skoglund

The Goner was a psychedelic folk rock band from Sweden. Starting out as a solo project of Daniel Westerlund in 2008, the lineup quickly expanded[1][2][3][4] and over time developed into a six piece live band; playing an eclectic range of instruments including banjo, violin and synths.[5]

The Goner debuted in 2008 with a series of EPs dubbed the H-Trilogy on Daniel Westerlund's own CD-R label Svarta Marknaden: Halartrallar, Hind Hand and Haven.[6] These limited releases garnered some interest and collectively secured the #1 spot on It's a Trap! Scandinavian Music Journal's top album list of 2008.[7] The following year, Hind Hand and Haven were reissued as the double album HH on US-based label Deep Water Acres.[8] Featuring The Goner in full band mode,[2] the release of Behold A New Traveler in 2010 drew further attention[9] including a favorable review by Julian Cope,[10] author of Krautrocksampler.



  • H-Trilogy[6]
    • Halartrallar (Svarta Marknaden, 2008)
    • Hind Hand (Svarta Marknaden, 2008)
    • Haven (Svarta Marknaden, 2008)
  • HH, reissue of Hind Hand and Haven (Deep Water Acres, 2009)
  • Behold A New Traveler (Deep Water Acres, 2010)
  • Bitemarks EP (Sideways Through Sound, Dying For Bad Music, 2010)

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