The Good Fight for Harmony

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The Good Fight For Harmony
Studio album by Eleventh He Reaches London
Released 14 December 2005
16 August 2008
8 June 2012
Recorded 2005
Bergerk! Studios, Perth, Western Australia
Genre Post-hardcore, progressive rock, screamo
Length 46:25
Label Hobbledehoy Records
Good Cop Bad Cop
Producer Allen Smith
Eleventh He Reaches London chronology
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The Good Fight For Harmony
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Re-release cover
Cover of the 2008 Good Cop Bad Cop Records re-release
Cover of the 2008 Good Cop Bad Cop Records re-release

The Good Fight For Harmony is the debut album by the Australian post-hardcore band Eleventh He Reaches London. The album was initially released independently by the band in December 2005; it was then re-released in August 2008 by Good Cop Bad Cop Records. The album was remastered and released on vinyl by Hobbledehoy Records in June 2012.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Eleventh He Reaches London.

No. Title Length
1. "Coronation" 3:25
2. "Say You See Why So" 8:48
3. "Swarming" 9:58
4. "What Would Don Juan Say?" 5:24
5. "Ruination" 1:31
6. "Chilson" 7:01
7. "Long Grows The List Of The Live And Dead Pretenders" 10:18


  • Ian Lenton - vocals/electric guitar
  • Jayden Worts - guitar/vocals
  • Jeremy Martin - guitar/vocals
  • Craig McElhinney - bass guitar
  • Mark Donaldson - drums/percussion