The Good Neighbour (newspaper)

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The Good Neighbour
The Good Neighbour.png
Type monthly bulletin
Format broadsheet 25.5cm x 37.5cm
Editor Australian Department of Immigration
Founded August 1950
Language English
Headquarters Canberra

The Good Neighbour — was a monthly bulletin in newspaper broadsheet format issued by the News & Information Bureau, Australian Department of Immigration to assist immigrants to Australia.

Printed on buff-coloured paper, it contained 8 pages of news about and advice for new immigrants to Australia, as well as photos connected with migrants. It was published from August 1950 (No. 1) to October 1969 (No. 189). The Good Neighbour also incorporated The New Australian which appeared from January 1949 (No.1) to December 1953 (No. 60).[1]

In South Australia, the bulletin was distributed by the Good Neighbour Council.[1]

The National Library of Australia in Canberra holds a complete set of these papers, and the digitized versions are available online.[2]

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