The Gorzen

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The Gorzen
Winterwonder Gorzenpark.JPG
The Gorzenpark landscape
TypeNature park
LocationThe Netherlands, Ridderkerk
Coordinates51°52′10″N 4°37′30″E / 51.86944°N 4.62500°E / 51.86944; 4.62500 (The Gorzen)Coordinates: 51°52′10″N 4°37′30″E / 51.86944°N 4.62500°E / 51.86944; 4.62500 (The Gorzen)
Area98.84 acres (40.00 ha)
StatusOpen all year

The Gorzen is a nature park in the Dutch province of South Holland, located on the eastside of Ridderkerk, between the New Veer and the New harbor. The nature- and recreational park The Gorzen is a former dumpsite with a total area of 40 acres (16 ha). The park was formed in consequences of all kinds of activities and circumstances in a period of half a century shaped in a hillside nature park with a few lakes and brooks.

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