The Great One

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The Great One may refer to:


  • Alberto Contador (born 1982), Spanish professional cyclist
  • Roberto Clemente (1934–1972), Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player
  • Jackie Gleason (1916–1987), American comedian and actor
  • Wayne Gretzky (born 1961), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Stephen Hendry (born 1969), Scottish professional snooker player
  • Dwayne Johnson (born 1972), also known as The Rock, actor and professional wrestler
  • Rob Leatham (born 1961), professional shooter and 16-time USPSA national champion
  • Mark Levin (born 1957), conservative radio talk show host
  • Bob Maher, Jr. (born 1978), American professional Magic: The Gathering player


Other uses[edit]

  • The Babylonian name for the constellation Aquarius
  • The English translation of the Dena'ina name Denali, a mountain in Denali Park, Alaska

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