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The Groupies
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Background information
OriginNew York, New York, United States
Associated actsThe Young Rascals, The Magicians
Past members
  • Ronnie Peters
  • Peter Hindlemen
  • Norman "Cooker" DesRosier
  • Gordon McLaren
  • Bobby Cortez

The Groupies were an American garage rock-psychedelic rock band from New York City who were active in the 1960s and are known for an innovative approach to primal blues-based rock exemplified in such songs as "Primitive". They were a popular fixture in the New York club scene and recorded for Atco Records, later venturing to Los Angeles. Due to their uncompromising stance the Groupies failed to attract a wider audience outside of their local enclaves. In recent years[when?] they have come to the attention of garage rock and psychedelic enthusiasts and their work has been included on various compilations such as the 1998 Nuggets four-CD box set, which was released on Rhino Records. In recent years[when?] their material has been re-issued of various garage rock and psychedelic compilations such as the Pebbles, Volume 10 LP and the 1998 Nuggets four-CD box set.[1]

The band was formed in the Lower East Side of New York City by bassist Gordon McLaren.[1][2][3] Their lineup consisted of McLaren along with Ronnie Peters on lead vocals and tambourine, Peter Hindlemen on lead guitar, Norman "Cooker" DesRosiers on rhythm guitar, and Bobby Cortez on drums.[2][3] They played regularly at the Scene, a New York nightclub and became one of the most popular live acts around town, for a while second only to the Young Rascals, and were signed by Ahmet Ertegun to Atco Records in 1965.[1][2][3] For Atco the Groupies cut a single "Primitive" b/w Leiber & Stoller's "I'm a Hog for You," which was released in January 1966.[1][2][3][4] However, Ertegun's high expectations for the band did not materialize, as the band failed to score a hit or gain recognition outside of New York City.[3] None of this was helped by the band's uncompromisingly noncommercial musical approach, which they sometimes used the term "abstract music" to describe.[2][3] Nor was the band willing to cooperate with the label's attempts to promote them, even going so far as on one occasion to miss a concert planned for them in Philadelphia, and instead boarding a plane to Los Angeles.[3] The label dropped them, but the band became involved in the Los Angeles scene for a while, and were captured on field recordings made by Neil Hopper of songs such as "Down In the Bottom" and "You Changed Again".[5] However, the group met with limited success in L.A. and eventually broke up.[3]

Guitarist "Cooker" DesRosiers would go on to enjoy some success with his song "Try, Try, to Fall in Love", which briefly became a hit in Los Angeles in the 1970s.[3]


  • Ronnie Peters (lead vocals and tambourine)
  • Peter Hindlemen (lead guitar)
  • Norman "Cooker" DesRosiers (rhythm guitar)
  • Gordon McLaren (bass)
  • Bobby Cortez (drums)


  • "Primitive" b/w "I'm a Hog for You" (Atco 6393, January 1966)[4]


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