The Heritage of Arn

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The Heritage of Arn
The Heritage of Arn.jpg
Swedish first edition cover
Author Jan Guillou
Original title Arvet efter Arn
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Genre Historical novel
Publisher Piratförlaget
Publication date
June 2001
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback) & Audio Book & E-book
Pages 424 pp
ISBN 91-642-0003-5
OCLC 49309930
LC Class PT9876.17.U38 A78 2001
Preceded by The Kingdom at the End of the Road

The Heritage of Arn (Swedish: Arvet efter Arn) is a follow-up to The Knight Templar (Crusades trilogy) by Jan Guillou about Birger jarl, the founder of Stockholm - fictionalized to be Arn Magnusson's grandson.

The story spans across a transitional period of Scandinavia where the last remnants of the Viking traditions are replaced by continental medieval customs and the Swedes and Geats unite under the hard rule of Birger "Jarl" Magnusson. The book basing itself on Swedish history and legends, taking great artistic freedoms starts Birger as a young man who has just lost his father Magnus and grandfather Arn Magnusson. Under the eyes of his determined mother, he is groomed into a fully fledged general and statesman. Cunning in war, finance, politics and theology, he slowly seizes power over the country, makes Finland part of Sweden and eliminates all pretenders to the throne in favour of his own son. Thus concluding the work of making Sweden one single nation.

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