The Hermitt

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The Hermitt
The hermitt.jpg
The Hermitt.
L-R: Rodrigo Lopresti, Patrick Galligan, Kevin Brady
Background information
Origin Brooklyn, New York, USA
Genres Grunge, indie rock
Labels Devious Semantics
Members Rodrigo Lopresti
Kevin Brady
Patrick Galligan

The Hermitt is a band from Brooklyn, New York with Rodrigo Lopresti as vocalist and guitarist, along with Patrick Galligan on drums, and Kevin Brady on bass. The band's first commercial album was released in 2003.[1]


Rodrigo Lopresti built a recording studio in a tiny windowless closet of a Brooklyn apartment he shared with Francis Benhamou. Lopresti recorded, arranged and mastered 14 songs into a Korg digital 8-track device. In 2003, "& The Story of The Insects" was born. He released the album under Devious Semantics, a record label he co-founded with Kevin Brady and Tyler Fenio.

Lopresti played most of the instruments on the album and designed the cover artwork. Ryan Donowho played drums on "& Calistos Curse."

Gus Van Sant featured two songs, "Seen as None," and "Pointless Ride," on the soundtrack for his 2005 movie "Last Days." The Hermitt band, featuring Brady on bass and Patrick Galligan on drums, was the band playing at a bar [2] in the Last Days movie.[3]

The band has not performed live since 2008.


  • The Alchis EP
  • Sessions in Pagoda EP
  • The Hermitt & the Story of the Insects LP

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