The Heroine of the Yangs

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The Heroine of the Yangs
DVD cover for Season 1
Genre costume drama
Written by Lai Chun
Directed by Wen Weiji
Opening theme "Maa Soeng Jing Zi" (馬上英姿) by Amy Chan
Composer(s) Wong Bong-yin
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 60
Producer(s) Yeung Siu-hung
Running time 45 minutes
Original network ATV
Original release 1998
Related shows The Great General (1994)
The Heroine of the Yangs
Chinese 穆桂英

The Heroine of the Yangs (穆桂英) is a 2-season ATV series aired in Hong Kong in 1998, starring Amy Chan as the titular heroine Muk Gwai-ying of the Yang (Yeung in Cantonese) family. It is an adaptation of the Generals of the Yang Family legends.


Season # of episodes Chinese Title English Translation
#1 (1998) 32 大破天門陣 (Daai6 Po3 Tin1 Mun4 Zan6) Breaking the Heavenly Gate Formation
#2 (1998) 28 十二寡婦征西 (Sap6 Ji6 Gwaa2 Fu5 Zing1 Sai1) The Western Expedition of 12 Widows


The story is about the women generals of the Yang Family going to wars and the power struggle between two countries Song and the Liu. Amy Chan (陳秀雯) stars as the historical character Mui Gui-ying (穆桂英) from the ancient story of Yang's saga (楊家將).

Production note[edit]

Many variations of dramas, films and Chinese Opera have been made in relation to the Yang saga stories between Hong Kong, mainland China and other Chinese speaking regions.

The opening song "Riding handsomely" (馬上英姿) was sung by Amy Chan, while the insert song: "Everlasting Love" (情緣萬世長) was performed by both Amy Chan and Johnny Yip.


Note: The characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.
Cast Role Description
Amy Chan Muk Gwai-ying starred in Part 1 & 2
Vincent Chiao Yeung Jung-bou starred in Part 1 & 2
Gilbert Lam Ye-leut Hou-nam starred in Part 1 & 2
Annie Man Yeung Paai-fung starred in Part 1 & 2
Chung Yeung Yeung Jung-yuen starred in Part 1
Tam Bing-man Pong Tai See starred in Part 1 & 2
Cao Cuifen Sheh Tai Kuan starred in Part 1 & 2
Gong Suet-far Empress Siu starred in Part 1
Szema Wah Lung Chan Hei-yee

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